Privacy policy

Privacy policy

I. General

We respect your privacy and are committed to safeguarding your personally identifiable information or “personal information” from unauthorized use or disclosure. This policy describes how your personal information may be collected when you visit our website and how you can correct or change/delete the provided information. Auxipress would like to thank you for your trust.

II. Collection of personal information

Auxipress collects the information of its clients and prospects. Generally, this means the name, address (and/or company address) and eventually the phone number and/or e-mail address, the position.

III. Access, modification and deleting of your data

1. View and access to your personal information
2. Contact us in order to correct or update certain information
3. Request to delete your information. You only need to contact AuxiPress (see contact details below).

IV. Our use of personal information

Auxipress may use personal information in order to respond to the clients/prospects requests; 
To keep the customers/clients informed about our activities If you do not wish to receive any information concerning our activities per e-mail or per any other means, you can contact us per e-mail:

V. Cookie

When you log on to Auxipress website, when you access to the member’s section, our server looks up your information on our database and sends it to your computer in the form of a "cookie".

VI. How to contact Auxipress?

Auxipress chaussée de Wavre 1945 - B-1160 - Brussels - Belgium
Tel: +32 2 514 64 91
Company n°: BE 403 529 995