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Roel DEKELVER, External Communications Manager, Delhaize

“Being responsible for the press relations, I constantly interact with journalists in various sectors : food, specialised press in the retail sector, economic press… it is therefore essential for my department to have a tool that allows us to collect on a single platform all the press and broadcast flow about us.”


Why did you choose Auxipress ?

Auxipress is the Belgian market leader in media monitoring, as well for print, radio, tv, web and social media. It was thus logically we turned to them. Auxipress offers a complete media coverage overview of our communication and marketing actions. On a quantitative level (all the provided articles) and on a qualitative level (speed of delivery of the articles, radio and tv selections, the ease of use of the proposed tools, we are very satisfied with the services of Auxipress.

What daily benefits have you drawn of your collaboration with Auxipress ?

The press reviews that we receive on a daily basis allow us to be permanently informed about the last evolutions in the press around our brand and the key words that we have chosen. In this way, we are also able to share quickly and in an effective way the most important information to the teams concerned in house.

We can also better estimate the impact of our pr campaigns in the media. It is essentially a considerable saving of time which helps us to focus on other important aspects of our job.

Why would you recommend Auxipress to one of your peers?

We rely and trust Auxipress for the media monitoring and analyses for several years. Auxipress guarantees a high quality service from which we benefit enormously on a day to day basis within our company. Furthermore, the Auxipress team is attentive, available and very reactive in case of a question. A solid and indispensable asset for us today.