Starting companies have specific needs. More than anyone else, they need to create visibility for their products.

Over the past decade, we’ve been helping hundreds of startups and micro entities achieve their full potential by monitoring, analyzing and increasing their media coverage.

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Small & medium enterprise

SME’s are the foundation of our economy. A key element for their growth is to improve their brand awareness and understand the needs of their targeted audience.

In order to help them do that, we crafted affordable and yet powerful solutions for their particular needs.

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Leading Corporate

Media intelligence is fundamental for every leading corporate. Whether it’s to increase brand engagement, monitor competitors or control brand reputation, they need a global view of their entire media coverage.

To answer those business challenges, we designed a robust all-in-one solution used by market leading companies all over the world.

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Cultural & Events

Cultural and event organisations need strong monitoring to cover their exhibition. They have to track every mention in the media in order to analyze the success of a specific event.

We are helping them by monitoring and analyzing their entire media coverage while creating values out of each mention.

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PR Agency

Public relation agencies are actively working on their customer's brand reputation, media visibility and awareness.

With more than 200 clients within the PR sector around the world, we designed state of the art solutions to empower the leverage of our customers.

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NGO & Government

NGO’s & government have many environmental, social and economical issues that they need to be aware of in order to plan efficient awareness campaign. They also need to gauge how a message has been perceived by public opinion.

Our solutions help them to react quickly and reinforce their global message.

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