Facebook to change the way brands can reach their audience

1.5 bilion Facebook users, think about the number for a second. It’s a lot, a big deal for smart marketers who want to sell a product or service to that audience. Part of that marketing has always been Facebook advertising, a classic approach which lately also had to struggle with ad blockers. Facebook’s sponsored content is about to get an upgrade.

Facebook marketing 2.0 

Content is the main focus of this new ‘advertising’ approach, not just a two line ‘sponsored content’ message trying to convince you about how great a product is, but actually a post in your daily feed. This could be any kind of company or e.g. celebrity post your are familiar with, be it text, photos, instant articles, links, videos, etc. These messages may at first be perceived as innocent messages,  but will have a high marketed content value.

The picture below (source: media.fb.com) clearly illustrates what Facebook is referring to:

Intel has been tagged in a post which targets an audience interested in or following Lady Gaga. It’s a less direct approach as the current Facebook advertising, but more effective as it will  most likely reach a bigger user group who might be more inclined to click on the provided link. Lady Gaga has a lot of followers, so having her account post a sponsored message will obviously create some buzz. 

Another advantage would be that ad blockers do not pick up those messages.

Converting followers into customers

As can be done with the current advertising, companies and marketers can track the activities the message generates. If e.g. Intel’s strategy works, they might ask other celebrities to post similar messages, using the same tags. This new approach offers brands to do even more specific targeted marketing, hopefully leading to a better conversion.

Media intelligence to show your (social) audience

Knowing your audience and converting that knowledge into targeted marketing with high results is the aim. To get there you first need to know who the people are who might be interested in your product. Who talks about or refers to your product? Where to get all that data?

Auxipress has more than 90 years of experience doing just that: monitoring the media, be it written, on- and offline, social or broadcast. Through media intelligence you will gain more insights into what makes the market buzz, what items may cause a viral status and what strategies should best be put aside.

As far as your social audience is concerned, consider Social Audience Profiling and get insights into how users perceive or use your brand, instantly.

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