The end for online articles and websites?


Is the writing on the wall for websites and online articles? Indeed, some people seem to think that the future of information will move exclusively to video on social networks. Is this realistic?

After the end of physical newspapers was predicted in favour of websites, the latter may be about to disappear as well. This is because readers’ habits are changing. According to the founders of media group MinuteBuzz, readers are turning more and more into watchers. The result: the end for online articles and websites! The information of the future will be consumed almost exclusively on video and via media social platforms. At least, MinuteBuzz thinks so.

Native advertising will develop

Yes, but how will such a model pay for itself? Will advertisers go for it? How do you measure audiences? For brands, the fact is that having everything on video on social networks could in fact be a blessing. Why?

Because the audience being targeted by this paradigm shift is... the millennials, of course, “the” generation everyone is courting. Hyper-connected, mobile, on social networks, Generation Y swears only by video and content.

Native advertising and brand content videos, with content based on the context it is inserted into, of course, can therefore look forward to a bright future. To the extent that web users exposed to this form of advertising are 3,6 times more likely to enquire about a brand than with a traditional digital advert.

As for metrics, this is hardly a concern. They are already linked to Facebook analytics for the most part. The data provided by the networks will be collected and distributed to the advertisers.

Reject one audience in favour of another?

Is moving from traditional media entirely to video not a risk of alienating part of the audience ? At MinuteBuzz, the answer is: “You are not rejecting an audience, you are pursuing another one.” 

But it is still difficult for traditional media, whose target is more marginal, to make this choice. Despite this, numerous observers predict that historical media will without doubt be obliged to join in with the “video” game sooner or later although this transition will occur by retaining the medium of a website with a bit of text here and there...

MinuteBuzz itself is already producing 600 videos a month.

Source: L’ADN