The Digital evolution - opportunities for brands

Digital pic

The future will be mobile and digital. According to the latest figures about the digital consumption, released by the CIM, mobile users are increasingly numerous at the expense of internet users. In Belgium, 65% of the pages are being consulted via computers, 13% via tablets and 21% via smartphones. In 2015 the consumption habits were respectively 73%, 12% and 15%.

Today a consumer has not only access to all information at certain times of the day, he uses this information during the day thanks to incoming notifications on his smartphone. The consumer is permanently connected and this trend will further accentuate. In the USA, for example, a consumer spends an average of 168 minutes a day on his cellphone.

The frequency of consulting information sites also benefits from the increasing use of social media, where the consumer shares articles, blogs, or other information. Traditional media have understood this and promote their own content by sharing it on social media like Twitter and blogs. They expect a traffic back to their own website.

This digital news consumption and the engagement of consumers has as a result that all content, favorable or not, is linked to brands' news. Managing this content via your own digital channels (owned media) and monitoring all relevant news linked to your brand is necessary today. The virality and the speed of information are two factors that are specific to the information circulating on digital media. Now, the challenge for brands is to control the published content and to adjust their communication strategy accordingly.

With the digital news consumption the concept of 'real-time' plays an important part in the marketing cycle for management and the measurement of the brand perception. The brand can initiate a buzz. In that case, the communication is often a success. But if the media or the consumer initiate a buzz, it is often intended to ask questions in relation to the sector or to point a brand in particular. Brand are not safe against a bad buzz spreading quickly.

The digital maturity of brands goes with the consciousness that brands' exposure in the media will increase. It is therefore necessary for brands to adopt efficient tools to measure their perception in the media in real time which also requires a deep understaning of the brand universe in the media. The analysis and interpretation of the digital content related to the brand, makes it possible to identify learnings and to deliver strategic recommendations.

5 rules to follow the digital world related to the brand and its universe: 

  1. Set up a marcom strategy that takes into account digital media.
  2. Adopt a powerful tool to monitor digital media.
  3. Configure the tool to automate the gathering and structuration of the details in relation to the brand universe. 
  4. Determine the indicators that need to be integrated in the dashboard that will bring together all the necessary indicators according to the marketing strategy.
  5. Choose a partner in media analyses and data crossing who objectively evaluates the perception of your brand and provides strategic recommendations.