MediaTopics revolutionizes Media Intelligence

1,200,000 ... A few hundred items close, this is the number of articles published each year in the Belgian press, an average of 4,000 items a day. At a speed of two minutes per item, it is impossible for one person to read all the articles a day.

The information evolves at such a pace that it has become fairly impossible to read all data in one day. And we haven’t even started referring to  the number of articles published online. It is essential to change the way we read the media and perform media monitoring. It has become essential to find intelligent solutions tailored to our information society, to our hyper-information society.

But how can we meet the challenge of daily synthesis of information? How can we identify media trends of the written and online daily press today? How can we guarantee that we are capable of controlling this mass of information?

Media Intelligence and MediaTopics alter our perspective

It is undeniable, our business has changed. And instead of simply adapting to change, we decided to innovate. We decided to revolutionize media intelligence. Today we have reached a milestone. Between us: "We are ahead of our time."

Here's how

The concept "MediaTopics" most likely will not ring any bells. However, after reading this article, it will completely change your perception of hyper-information.

After several years of research and development, today we are indeed able to synthesize all the information of one day, one week, one month and one year in a series of trends. How is this possible? We built a 16-theme database of all the information that you can read every day. Information is multiple. It can be political, economic, environmental, judicial, social, linked to labour/work, sports, culture, related to housing, land, your town, to a government, your party, your business, etc. Each of these information topics is a theme that we can isolate in media content and cover individually with respect to all of the information. Today we work with 16 themes (see graph below) which are further divided into nearly 400 categories. Each subject and each category allow us to identify daily patterns, but also emerging trends because our database is scalable. Every day we put it up to date with new developments in society, new trends, new forms of economy, new technologies, new personalities, etc. Nothing escapes us.

Take a very simple example: sports. Sports is a relatively important theme for the Belgian press. This theme represents, on average, 12% of the daily media content. This information is already very interesting in itself, knowing that it varies from one day to another. L’Echo or De Tijd will grant, for example, not much attention to sports than will the La Dernière Heure or Het Laatste Nieuws. This measure of media attention thus also informs us on the first level of media attention. However, "MediaTopics" does not stop there. Indeed, we are able to specify what sports are the most publicized in the Belgian newspapers, from football, tennis, cycling, motor sports to athletics, etc.

How do we proceed? It is relatively simple. Our database relies on some 9,000 words and bilingual expressions (French and Dutch) and several hundred prominent figures associated with various industries. This database allows us to track all media matters and to measure the amount of attention per theme: e.g. the proportion of each attention for each theme, each category, every word, every sentence and every personality, based on the total media content.

MediaTopics’ Opportunities

Our "MediaTopics" therefore produces daily, weekly, monthly and annual trends based on attention given by the media to an industry, a personality ... and you, of course.

Via "MediaTopics" we can directly identify media trends that are associated with you and give a proportion to this trend. Thanks to "MediaTopics" you can instantly know your media identity. Has it evolved? Is it stable over time? Are you an influencer in a particular industry? Does the press systematically associate you with a field of business, a striking personality, etc. ?

More than a simple statement of your media presence, the "MediaTopics" will help you build your media identity, to let it grow, to choose the best channels to get the best results for your media identity and to identify the best strategies for your industry. 

Society evolves at an enormous pace, have you taken measures to anticipate to those changes and incorporate them into your communication?

Thanks to "MediaTopics", press, current trends, your identity in the media and that of your competitors no longer hold any secrets for you. Step on board this media revolution and use one of the best media intelligence tools the market has to offer.