June 2018 Uniq novelties

Your searches can be bundled in three topics instead of two

Uniq now offers a pre-selection of groups on top of the personalised groups that are automatically saved.

In “My Analysis”, section “Analyses”, one can now choose between:

  • Full categorisation entails by default “SubjectGroup”, “Subject” and “SubSubject”.
  • Source which enables sorting per publication.
  • Country which enables sorting per country.

To return to a personalised group, choose “Custom” to select the three subjects you want. 


Three groups in “My analyses”

In “Production” and “Analyses”, in the “My selections” section, you may choose three groups instead of two.


Excel export displays checked options only

In “Production” and “Analyses”, in the “My selections” section, one can choose the desired selections by exporting the data in an Excel file. 

Checked options

excel uniq

  • The "hint” tool is now directly available from the dashboard by clicking on the light bulb.


Whenever a new hint is available, a red flag appears on the bulb. A click on the flag unveils the hint developed by Auxipress. The tool helps users navigate through the platform’s useful features. For example, the case illustrated above invites you to consult your PDF files in a 3D-book format. To experience this new feature, click on “3D flipbook reader” and follow the tutorial.




  • The extended search function in “My selections” (Production mode) or “My analysis” (Analysis mode). This function enables a search for keywords in your articles as well as in the transcripts of audio-visual selections.

Mes analyses

  • New torch pop-ups. Each time Uniq proposes a novelty, a torch pop-up appears at the next connection. These pop-ups are meant to guide you through the platform’s new features.