Brand nostalgia...

Pub Ricore

Nostalgia has always been an effective weapon in advertising - especially in times of crisis, as it reminds us of happier days. For brands, triggering a sense of nostalgia is also a way of recapturing past grandeur. Ricoré, Lotus and Milka are great examples. 

« Le soleil vient de se lever, encore une belle journée, il va bientôt arriver l’ami Ricoré. Il vient toujours au bon moment, avec ses pains et ses croissants, l’ami Ricoré… ». How many times did you hear this persistent jingle in the 1980s? These adverts kept Ricoré in the advertising hall of fame for more than ten years, like the Belle des Champs gimmick written by Richard Gotainer. But by repeating the same formula, Ricoré ended up becoming a cliché.

Nostalgia is OK when updated

Having taken a hard knock through the arrival of coffee pods and customisation in consumption, Ricoré - recently and after many years of silence - refocused its message on people in their thirties. But without much success. Conscious of its real target audience (the average age of Ricoré consumers is 60), the Nestlé group brand has now properly returned to its roots. It may not be our friend Ricoré again, but it’s not far off! Using a remixed version of the music of yesteryear, the latest ad brings the Ricoré family back centre stage, in the early morning sunshine around the swimming pool. But the strong family values of the 1980s have given way to a group of 50-year-olds the day after a no doubt well-lubricated evening. And in this way they have returned to what makes the brand a success - adding a healthy dose of modernity and sending out a message to those young 50-year-olds looking for new youthfulness.

Nostalgia across the borders

At almost the same moment, another emblematic brand from the end of the last century updated its little boy with the sailor’s T-shirt. Who can forget the extraordinary ad from 1973, with the little boy with bare buttocks unrolling a roll of paper so long and strong all over the apartment? Lotus exploited this concept for almost 30 years, before refocusing its communication on a moment of comfort, but with much less success - even though the brand invited web users to share their intimate moment via social networks.

Last summer, to launch its new moist toilet tissue, it returned to its roots with a child in a sailor’s T-shirt and with a little face that will melt the hardest of hearts. Judging by the reaction on social networks, the brand has hit the right spot... How nostalgia pays!

And if you still doubt the significance of going back to one’s roots and of nostalgia, Milka appeals to our happy memories with a throwback to tenderness and green mountain pastures in this delightful film designed for the brand’s launch in... China!