The right keyword in media intelligence

Media intelligence often refers to keywords when it comes to mapping media coverage for a brand. Along with the customer a media intelligence company defines a set of keywords which represents the customer’s needs for insights into targeted media coverage and for benchmarking purposes. Still, defining a set of keywords can be challenging. Which ones to choose, what are the best options and how far can one go?


Keyword is defined as: “a word that is a key; a significant word from a title or document used especially as an index to content” (Merriam-Webster). In fact that very phrase “An index to content” could define one of the purposes of media intelligence. Media intelligence or media monitoring scans various content sources, e.g. social media, broadcast services, press, newspapers etc. In a way the service indexes a search job and provides a tailormade report based on the defined set of keywords.

Well-thought decision

Still, what to provide as keyword for your brand? The easiest keyword is your brand itself, followed by anything that could relate to its business, consumer behaviour or synonymous phrasings. E.g. think of Coca-Cola. This brand could be interested in anything reported about soft-drinks, soda, sweeteners, health and attitude. It could even add other cola drinks of the Coke brand name (Diet, Zero) or family (Fanta, Sprite). A railway company would be interested in transport, accessibility, customer service, user experience, commuting, etc.

Nevertheless, a company might end up listing fifty words that could refer to its activities, resulting in a tremendous amount of information impossible to process by the customer.

Results that matter

Fortunately a client can always count on an editing team or customer service that guides the customer through the maze of words, defining a core set of words, resulting in filtered reports. It avoids an output which contains too much data or noise. The core set can always be modified based on new trends, events or any matter that is of importance to the client.

Defining a set of keywords can be challenging, but rewarding as well once the right tone   leads to satisfying results. Auxipress can help generate that list and set up a tailormade media intelligence experience which will undoubtedly help your company with key insights into activities, trends, changes and growth options.