Radio & TV coverage, not just something to neglect

Talking about media one easily thinks of social media and how these instantly report about topics giving them a trending status. True. But what about media like television and radio? These media also constantly report about anything news or human interest related and can thus not be neglected, on the contrary. 

Be informed about your brand on radio & TV

A brand and any related items to that brand are more referred to via broadcasting services than anticipated. Being aware of that information can be key for anticipation purposes, marketing activities or responsive actions. As radio and TV broadcast around the clock, it might be important for your brand to be informed about topics related to that very brand, almost instantly. 

Fully automated 

To provide an answer to the responsiveness referred to above, Auxipress developed a fast web alert service, delivering almost real-time information about anything related to your brand (depending on the settings). Broadcasted items are analyzed by a computer, transcribed and immediately delivered to your mailbox, containing video, audio and transcription. 

One month free trial 

Obviously you would first want to see if this service is something worth looking into. Our Media Intelligence trial allows for a free registration for 1 month, no strings attached. Register at the free trial page and we will be in touch for the setup.