Novelties August 2018 – Uniq

Viewing analysis or other documents 

You may have noticed that the menu item "Reports" has been replaced with "My files" in the sections "Production" and "Analyses". Here, you will find all documents related to your Auxipress order, including My Visibility reports, AVE, and specific documents like invoices. You can search documents similarly to articles, by filtering on a date range, the type of document, the language, the order or by searching in the title or the name of the desired file.

My files Uniq

Grille résultats UniqIn the results table, you can view the file by clicking on the magnifying glass, and download by clicking on the button to the right of it.

Download UniqSelect the desired files and click on "Download" to group them in a zip file automatically.

Visualisation groups of subjects-subjects-sub-subjects

From now on, you will see "Categorisation" in the menu, allowing you to view the available hierarchy. Via the menu to the right of "Account", you can select any account and view the group structure of subjects-Subjects-Sub-subjects associated with this account.

Categorization Uniq

The colours used in the categories are coded as follows:

Colors Uniq

To view the entire hierarchy, click "Expand All", to view only the subject groups, click "Collapse All". "Show inactive categories" shows or hides the inactive categories. 

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