MediaTopics, a promising start

A couple of months ago we launched MediaTopics, providing country-specific insights into national and regional media coverage (in our case Belgium). These insights are based on daily media coverage and result in a clear output, subdivided in topics. Those topics mark trends, be it fed by politics, economy, sports or any other topic that gets specific media attention. A couple of months later, we notice that MediaTopics is gradually getting the ears and eyes it deserves. Let’s have a look at this promising start.

Press driven

MediaTopics analyzes written press articles based on a wide range of terms which are then grouped and provide a statistical output via a set of main topics. As long as the press frequently refers to anything related to a specific topic, that topic will rank first.

Take e.g. EURO2016. As long as the Belgian team still participated, the national and local press ensured that the sports topic ranked number 1. Even Pokémon GO was frequently reported about recently, thus ranking ‘Technology’ a bit higher.

These topics (a.o.) sports, state, economy, culture, military, government all represent a certain media coverage and may provide potential insights to both political and governmental bodies, but also to businesses, unions and many other sectors or industries. In fact, one in particular already is actively using our MediaTopics insights.

Political attention

As MediaTopics does not only provide a general overview of specific national and local attention to various topics in the media, but also insights into daily ranking of political parties, it’s not really a surprise that the latter group is starting to use the data. We notice a higher reading and sharing frequency and even followers from the same corner. International media are picking up our insights when reporting about Belgian political activities. Locally MediaTopics recently got its first press coverage.

The future

This experience is teaching us valuable lessons, meaning we will keep on investing in content exploration and tailored output to ensure that those interested get content targeted to their sector.

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