Media Intelligence, the bigger picture

As you know media intelligence maps your brand through media coverage analysis. Still, what is a brand and shouldn’t we also focus on the bigger picture, i.e. everything your brand stands for or what it evokes when thinking of, seeing or reading your brand?

Bigger, broader

Did you read the Insight about keywords and how important keywords are for a brand? Question is if you have given it serious thought what terms may represent your brand? Think about it for a second. What do you think the average browser would look for when thinking of something similar to your brand? Should you anticipate to the obvious or not?

Let’s take the automotive industry for instance. Most of us are aware of what brands are on the market and what they may stand for. What is less obvious is a very specific segment of the car industry, say electric cars. The most obvious terms one looks for would be the actual car brand (take Nissan), the car type (Leaf) or the obvious ‘electric car’. That makes sense, doesn’t it?

Those are not the only items one would look for and that’s something the industry should take into account when using media intelligence services.

People also look for the driving experience, the comfort the electric car might offer, the mileage and related range anxiety. Think of the obvious, the less obvious and what the average consumer might be interested in. This is also why certain brands, be it in the car industry or any other industry use customer or prospect surveys to get to know the consumer and his/her needs better. Those insights help create a better match between the brand and its user.

The right gear

As already stated, defining a set of keywords worth mapping can be quite challenging. You may have already compiled a list of terms you think are suitable for your daily analysis. Nevertheless, our team of experienced editors can help you compile a list which will definitely help you get a better picture of your brand and all related terms in the media.

Contact our customer service today and learn what terms help you get the best insights into today’s media coverage.