From Auxidirect to a Uniq platform !


Is there anything better than being able to start the last trimester of 2017 with a fresh and dynamic platform, which encourages you to boost your communication? That is why your Auxidirect platform will become the new Uniq as of 4 September.

We wish to offer you a more modern and didactic management of our services. The summer period might have seemed calm, but Auxipress was bursting with activity to refine our latest project: Uniq. This entirely new digital universe will allow you to have an intuitive and, hopefully, unique experience.

As you undoubtedly know, Auxipress will soon celebrate its 100th anniversary. At that age, it is sometimes opportune to be given a small facelift so we can offer you a service which constantly adapts to the new technologies, the evolution of the media and that of communication in general, but especially to your needs.

Besides its new look and functionalities, Uniq can also boast being a platform which is at the forefront of web development, and this is free of course. This is entirely internally-developed software, and our IT crew will continue to work on the project to let it live and develop along with you.

A second version of the platform is already foreseen to be released during January 2018. The idea is to make the necessary modifications after receiving as much feedback as possible from you.

Uniq has a dynamic dashboard, and allows you some degree of personalisation. You can activate or deactivate 9 widgets and sort the components as you like. Besides this, you also have access to graphics allowing you to monitor the evolution of your press exposure and your audience. Your press reviews will also be managed from the platform, allowing you to send them yourself.

Do not worry, simplicity is key!

The tool is very intuitive and we will accompany you along every step along the way, while you discover Uniq. Our team will come to you, but we will also organise training sessions so you can already familiarise yourself with the platform. Along with the launch of Uniq, a guiding video will be released. We will use all means to ensure that you quickly adopt the platform!

Of course, the transition will happen gradually: Auxidirect will remain accessible for a while. We will personally inform you about the date when we will definitively move to Uniq. We will also keep you informed via our communication channels.

A wind of renewal is blowing through Auxipress, and Uniq is only the first step. The platform is only one click away!