Conference with David Favest in B19

David Favest (STIB’s Marketing Director) held a conference on Tuesday 6 February in B19. For more than two years, he and his team have been working on colourful marketing campaigns which aim to highlight the link between the STIB and the city of Brussels. Favest put emphasis on the digital channels as main medium of communication. Besides, he launched successful campaigns such as Go Easy (about online purchase and charging of MOBIB cards), the open data portal and the STIB’s new website. Favest talked about the Brussels metro’s 40th anniversary and the innovative “Wunderground” campaign.

This afterwork conference was introduced by Tiffany Foucart, Sales & Marketing Director at Auxipress, who shared expert views on the exposure of mobility-related topics in the media.

The media analysis highlighted several elements:

Visibilité mobilité médiatiquement

  • There has been a growing interest in mobility and transportation in the last two years, showing that the topic is a genuine social issue which needs to be taken into account. Mobility is making its way into a wide range of other debates. The different brands each take a stance and the environmental challenges tied up to these debates gain importance, modifying our perception of the city. The consumers’ quality of life is impacted by this issue.
  • Media impact: Mobility represents 5% of what is published in traditional media. In 2017, mobility was more prominent than Europe (4%) and employment (3%) in the Belgian press. Within the mobility topic, the media’s attention for public transportation is gaining ground. Therefore, the actors in the field have a significant role to play in the societal debate.

Tendance médiatique STIB

  • The STIB’s media exposure has been growing during 2017 in spite of an (expected) off-peak period during the summer months. It is clear that the French-speaking media coverage (75%) outperformed its Dutch-speaking counterpart.

Visibilité médiatique STIB

A detailed analysis of the STIB’s visibility reveals first and foremost that the most prominent theme concerns transport & mobility, e.g. the relation between public transportation and car use, especially in Brussels.

As a result of its status as a public company, the STIB’s media profile is largely fuelled by the state and the political figures who regularly refer to it in their communication about mobility without the STIB itself being at the origin of these media stunts.

The STIB proactively supports many issues, among which the following:

  • User safety and terrorism-related issues
  • Corporate geographical anchoring, e.g. the impact of the STIB on land use and real estate planning in the city of Brussels.
  • Promotion of the technological aspects as part of the customer experience, and more specifically regarding new payment systems and the company’s digitisation. One may note that digitisation was one of the most significant trends in 2017 across the board.
  • Culture has become increasingly prevalent in the STIB’s media universe thanks to the cultural experience in the metro

David Favest B19

David Favest’s nomination as "Marketeer of the Year" was largely covered in the media and contributed to the STIB’s positive media exposure. Stephan Salberter interviewed Favest on this occasion in B19. It was a fascinating question-and-answer session which unveiled the secrets about this marketing genius.

Favest en Salberter

The media analyses were carried out by Auxipress.

Short summary of the evening illustrated by Benoit Degrange:

Graphic facilitation with Minke -

Benoit Degrange STIB