Behind the scenes - An editor's day at Auxipress

I read the news today, oh boy… That’s pretty much how I briefly describe my job to people, even though I do a lot more than just reading. What does an editor at Auxipress do? Well, let me show you what a typical day looks like, perhaps it will make things a little clearer.

Woke up, fell out of bed. Dragged a comb across my head. Is there any other way, getting up at 4 am? Bright and early, really early, but at least beating all the traffic (granted, there is none…), I or one of my colleagues are among the first to arrive at Auxipress at 5 am.

As soon as our computers have started, we check our email to see what news items the European institutions would like us to monitor. We have a weekly schedule to divide the workload among our team. After all, efficiency is each deadline’s best friend! One person scans all the newspapers for mentions of the European institutions before the readers have a go at them. The others summarise them in perfect English, Hugo makes sure of that. As the 7:30 am deadline approaches we quickly add all relevant radio and TV sources as well as web articles to our summaries and hit send. Another press review delivered in time!

If I can, I quickly take a short caffeine break and return to my desk to start working on the next deadline. I either prepare the press review for a telecom customer or help the rest of the team with the review of one of the European institutions.

We follow a similar pattern for allbodies of the European institutions. Someone dispatches articles while the others summarise. At 9 am, when another institution starts working and wants to know what the Belgian press has to say about it, the review is sent along with the audiovisual review at 9:30 am.

As for telecom, the readers select all articles mentioning their business and the general telecom sector. We, in turn, make a selection of all relevant articles and summarise them. Their deadline is set at 10 am.

This is when the most stressful part of our job is finished. A much deserved brake is in order. After that, someone in our team starts preparing tomorrow’s press reviews for the European institutions by checking morning radio programmes and web articles. Another person prepares the afternoon clipping for a telecom customer and the others read regional editions of newspapers, the Luxembourg press or publications with less priority.

There, that is about it. I usually get off at 12 o’clock. While most of you are enjoying their lunch, I am driving home thinking about how to spend my afternoon (another advantage of starting early). 

 At your service!