5 easy ways to increase your company’s media coverage

In this age of everything digital, one can hardly neglect the need of being present online. Being online these days however is no longer limited to owning a website, it’s about creating an awareness by interacting with your audience, by ensuring you have various channels to showcase your services, by ensuring your company is found. Let’s see how.

  1. As search engines index the internet, it is important to have various mentionings that lead to your company. Those mentionings could be online articles or professional pages. Why not consider a professional LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook page? Describe your services, add contact details and share relevant content. Invite customers to follow your page, invite them to interact, to comment to your posts. Make sure that whatever you post, you use language specific for your services (SEO). The indexation will start connecting the dots and gradually improve your ranking.
  2. Content is key. Do you own a website? That’s great, but it would be greater if you feed your site with content that’s easily to digest, informative and which can easily be shared via other platforms. Why? Indexation of the internet. The more content you provide related to your business (+ SEO), the more frequent your company will be picked up. A blog is an ideal tool to share insights with your audience and not just on your website. The advantage it offers is that this can also be easily shared via social media, e.g. your professional LinkedIn page or Twitter. Invite readers to comment and interact with them.
  3. Keep the dust off old school approaches as they still work. Are you launching something new? An app maybe, a new product, a new website, moving to a new building, have a serious staff increase, anything that might put your company in the spotlights? Send out a press release! Create a database of press and media recipients and send out the word! Chances are fairly high this will be picked up by some of those recipients and before you know it it’s being shared, gets attention, goes viral! Do this systematically, no matter how small the announcement might be. Keeps your company on their radar.
  4. Rethink your e-mail signature. Exactly, the e-mail signature of your staff can carry strong messages and may lead recipients to interesting content. Use a signature not just to provide your contact details, but also to announce a new service, invite people to try out a demo, or to read your life-changing blog. It may sound way off your marketing strategy, but do not underestimate the reach of a single e-mail signature multiplied by your staff, multiplied by their daily contacts… Make it attractive, make it catchy, make it worth clicking.
  5. Visibility is about presence, about linking the right words to your company and systematically using them in your communication. Various media like the ones mentioned above already offer a pretty decent job when it comes to indexing those terms and interaction. However, you can go further and create animations with e.g. Wideo, also offering you the option to provide a description about your company or services, present with Vine or open a YouTube channel and interview customers or your own staff. Show the world how great your company or product is, combined with strategic writing. 

Getting more media coverage still might seem to be a big challenge, although so many options are available online, options you may not have immediately thought of. Use them wisely and give the search engines some time. Embrace new media, experiment if necesssary, but never forget to also apply old school methods like the e-mail signature or a press release. If you really want this strategy to work, why not opt for a media intelligence service? Discover what really makes your product, company or service buzz, see what works, see what drives people to talk about your product. You have nothing to lose as Auxipress offers this service for free! Try a free demo today and see how media monitoring can help you get connected with the world.